Do one stigma!

I’m so glad I don’t live in a world anymore that thinks mental illness means you’re best to tied up in a straight jacket & put in a padded cell. I say that, I’m sure there’s a few people who would think it’s best haha.

The time I decided to go and get help wasn’t only because my family life & relationship was about to crumble if I didn’t, but because I’d actually seen so much in the press around that time that the stigma and taboo subject of mental health was finally disappearing.

Heads Together‘ which is the charity set up by the Prince of Wales and Princess of Cambridge, jumped out at me so much. Two huge public figures telling their stories of depression including Prince Harry, helped me realise that this wasn’t just effecting me, it was effecting so many others who suddenly just started coming out of the wood work.

It helped me to go to my doctor and say ‘I have depression, please help me’. I hadn’t openly said it before when I had my CBT. I did to the lady who did my sessions though as the scores that came out showed that my mental health wasn’t well at all. I still don’t think I could say out loud what was I put on those forms.

For me then, that was the time. The time to save my relationship and to be the Mum my daughter needed me to be.

You only have one life, and to have depression interrupt it is a piss take! There are so many ups and downs in your life; when you loose someone, you give birth, finances, you get married, relationships, and when luck is either your best friend or the devil! This is just 1 thing that is simply not needed but these aspects can create it.

If you feel that something still doesn’t feel right, talk to someone. Whether it’s a stranger or your closest fiend or family member. Emphasise this isn’t just an every day problem, you’re really actually struggling.

The road to overcoming it should start to show up in front of you & it’s the best bloody road you’ll have ever seen.

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