Floaty light!

The first week of taking the tablets were something else! That first day of being off for 2 weeks with a sick note for stress, I sat on the settee and I’m sure I could look above myself! I was only on 50mg but my gosh, does it have an effect.

You know the chemical imbalance comment from your doctor was definitely true when a small dose has such a big effect. It takes a good couple of weeks to get use to these.

I have to say, I was cheered up the day i got the tablets after seeing a drunk man fall into the canal 😂 I did help him! But it’s just typical me to be in that situation!

I decided on the first day to go and get some fresh air. Was that a good idea?! Hmmm!! Thinking the post office was only a short walk over the train bridge, what could possibly go wrong!

I’ll tell you what! Thinking you’re on a travelator going up the bridge and thinking you’re just walking in the same spot for 5 minutes! I wanted to curl into a ball!!

I went home and decided to do what I was suppose to do; rest. I did decide to go and see my best friend though which I probably shouldn’t have done due to driving on those tablets! But I made it! I needed to see her. I was struggling so bad & wanted to just talk & attempt to tell her how I’d been.

It’s hard to put yourself out there to your closest but they are the ones who will understand!

After 2 weeks of being off work and getting use to the ‘new me’ as such, I still felt I couldn’t be as open but I started to tell more people what was happening with me, and telling people I am on anti-depressants to make people realise it wasn’t just ‘me having a moment’ or ‘we all have bad days’, this was more.

Having support around you is so important. You have to feel strong enough to tell people. If not, develop the strength & take a deep breathe & shout it out loud. They need to understand!

If not, select a certain few people to talk to and start from there.

Taking these tablets, for me, wasn’t a weakness it was strength. I took the step to make a difference not just for me but my family. I’m so glad I did.

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